5 Musts for Every-Day Carry

posted on August 16, 2018
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Every-day carry (EDC) is a term we hear quite often in the firearm world. Generally, it always brings to mind having a concealed-carry permit and carrying a gun. The gun,  of course, is obviously a necessity when it comes to protecting yourself. There are however a few other things a person should never be without. EDC truly goes beyond the purpose of protecting yourself from a threat situation. It also includes ways to get through unexpected situations. more. Just as we are never guaranteed safety from possibly having to utilize our firearm for self-defense, we are also never guaranteed being exempt from finding ourselves in an emergency. Keeping that in mind, there are other items that we should include when we carry that double as tools to make every day life a little simpler. The following is a list of items that everyone should carry daily. Stick with me to find out what these items are and why they are important.

  1. Firearm—A firearm, of course, is at the top of this list. We value our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Having the ability to exercise that right should never be taken lightly. The world in which we live is for the most part safe, yet it is quite unpredictable. Evil exists and it respects nobody. No one is exempt or untouchable and for that reason alone we need to live each day ready, not paranoid but vigilantly prepared. There is no perfect answer for which firearm a man or a woman should carry. This is entirely dependent upon the individual’s likes, needs and preferences. Ultimately, you need to go with the firearm that feels and works best for you. Many of the newest guns are designed for carry, and you can get a sampling of the offerings here. Once established, learn proper carry methods and pursue training so that you can truly understand all that goes with carrying a firearm. If you live somewhere that prohibits concealed carry of a firearm, there are other options. Tasers and pepper spray guns exist for a reason. I would highly recommend checking into these to compensate for the inability to carry a firearm.
  2. Additional Magazine—Most people carry a firearm that holds an average of six to eight rounds. There are many people who proclaim that this is more than enough. Adhering to the rational that they would never be in a situation where they were required to fire any more than that. How do they know? How many circumstances have they found themselves in to solidify that thought process. Most people who carry have never found themselves in a situation to even confirm this subjective thinking. Just as evil is not a respecter of persons, it also knows no bounds. If a threat presents itself requiring you to fire, you have no guarantee that less than six to eight rounds will eliminate that threat. Adrenaline has been known to do amazing things. People have been shot, but they still get back up. It might take 10 rounds to keep a threat at bay. Without being a precision shooter who can accurately call shot placement, you have zero ability to even imagine how many rounds it could possibly require. Also, you might encounter multiple aggressors. If this be the case, you would definitely be wishing for an additional magazine.
  3. Knife—A pocket knife is such a valuable EDC item. Carried daily on your person it is a handy tool for everyday tasks. Ladies, this isn’t just for the guys. Anything that scissors are used for, you can use a knife for as well. A knife is also priceless when it comes to any emergency situations. An example as such would be an automobile accident. There have been many cases where people have been trapped not being able to undo their seatbelt. Having a good knife handy would resolve this scenario perfectly. That is just one example, but there are so many more. Knives come in all sizes and colors. As with your firearm, it is an individual’s preference on which one to choose, but check out this article for some advice.
  4. Flashlight—There are over a million reasons one should carry a flashlight. Think about how many times we grab our cell phones just for the purpose of using its light. Whether we have lost power or simply have a vehicle break down in the dark, a flashlight is a definite must have. A flashlight is smaller and more ergonomic than maneuvering a cell phone for light. In addition, it gives off a far better light, illuminating more than a cell phone’s light can. Streamlight is a great go-to flashlight brand, offering a variety of sizes to fit everyone’s preferences and needs.
  5. Cell Phone—This is one item that almost everyone always has with them. Whether you find yourself in a dangerous or emergent situation, this is something that you will not want to be without. Having 911 at your fingertips and being able to communicate with loved ones is an absolute necessity.

It might sound like a lot to carry every day, but with daily practice it soon becomes second nature. I would also highly recommend always carrying these items on your person. We never know what situation we could find ourselves in. Purses and bags are easily snatched. Vehicle accidents happen very quickly. There are many reasons why you may not be able to physically get to what you’d need if you carry any of these off body. On body carry is the most effective way to carry giving you the highest probability of a more advantageous outcome.


AR15 NRA Photo Snyder W0976 SI GB 0006
AR15 NRA Photo Snyder W0976 SI GB 0006

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