Force-on-Force Training Provides Solid Defensive Practice

posted on September 13, 2018

We carry a firearm for self-defense. We train to be able to run our firearm in the event we are confronted with a threat. So, what happens in that life-altering moment? Will we rise to the occasion and bring forth all we have acquired in our training? Sadly, the answer is usually, “No.” In actuality, we tend to  sink to our lowest level of training. Think of your worst range day ever, this day will be your best defense. During a true threat situation, several things are happening at once both physically and mentally. There’s an adrenaline dump that can throw off your fine motor skills and leave you in a foggy state of mind. Senses shut down and our minds are affected by shock. Sometimes people cannot even think clearly enough to realize they need to draw their gun. This can leave you frozen and paralyzed by fear in the exact moment you need to act. That’s why training is essential, and although training with targets at the range is beneficial, there is training available that goes beyond that. This highly effective training is called force-on-force. Force-on-force training has been around for a while; however, until recently, it was only available to police officers and military. Now, civilians can attend such training as more and more people are understanding the need as well as benefits.

Although you can use a conversion kit for your own gun, some force-on-force training guns are available, too.

Force-on-force training is designed to simulate the true nature of being in a gunfight, complete with the penalty of pain. This is not to be confused with airsoft or paintball. It is entirely in its own field of training and more extreme. This training allows you to use your own gun with a special conversion kit to run non-lethal ammunition. The conversion kit is needed as the force-on-force ammunition will not chamber without it. Also available are specialized firearms that are specifically made and designed for this training. The non-lethal ammunition that is used will not break your skin if you are at the safe suggested distance. These non-lethal rounds can be purchased either as marking or non-marking. I believe that the marking rounds are highly beneficial as it shows at what point on the person you actually made impact. There are situations where you might be in a training environment that marking rounds are not ideal concerning the surroundings. Utilizing the non-marking ammunition in this type of scenario would be beneficial. Most ammunition is available in .38 cal., 9 mm, and 5.56x45 mm NATO. Typically, they are tactically accurate at approximately 25 feet—though the 5.56 round is usually good to  100 feet.

Non-lethal does not, by any stretch of the imagination, mean non-painful. Outside of groin and head protection, and gloves, , you are left wide open to be hit. One quickly learns just how much more training they need in such a scenario. Therefore this training is highly beneficial. These are not stationary lifeless targets. Live bodies are gunning for you and you will more than likely be hit, which gives you the closest possible scenario to a real-life threat. Experiencing the adrenaline, the racing heart and the fear are all essential in being able to prepare yourself in the unlikely event that you’d ever need to defend your life.

Protective head gear will save you from some of the pain associated with getting struck with a force-on-force training round, but you'll feel if it you take any body shots.

Another element that makes force-on-force training crucial is having the ability to experience firing at a live target. Many of us can say we’d have no issue with firing at someone in defense of ourselves or a loved one, possibly taking a life. However, in a real-life threat situation people have been known to freeze and even possibly not be able to pull the trigger. This training aids in conditioning the mind for this exact type of situation. If you are serious about your right to carry and defend yourself and the ones you love, take a look at participating in one of these specialized training sessions. To learn more about the conversion kits, systems and non-lethal ammunition, check out and Here these companies explain “how it works” in more detail.

Force-on-force training far exceeds the physical and reaches to the mind and emotions as well. It is training that will take a shooter to the next level while helping to ensure the safety of you and the ones you love as you watch over them daily.


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