A Celebration of 150 Years: NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits 2021

posted on July 20, 2021

For 150 years, your NRA has led the way in marksmanship training and firearms safety education, and we have stood tall in the defense of your rights. This year, 150 years strong, NRA members and guests will have the opportunity to gather together at the George R. Brown Convention Center, Sept. 3-5, in Houston, Texas, for a celebration of freedom like no other. From entertainment to special events, it’s all happening in Houston over Labor Day weekend. Make plans now to join fellow Second Amendment patriots for a freedom-filled weekend for the entire family as we celebrate NRA’s 150th anniversary.

With the nation recovering and opening up from COVID-19 restrictions—and the great state of Texas is open for business, by the way—this is the first gathering of the big NRA family since the pandemic, and the schedule was still fluid as to times and locations for some of the events. As this was written, speakers and entertainment were still being booked. The best way to stay on top of the growing schedule is to visit nraam.org, which is updated almost daily as more details come online. Note that tickets are required for some of the events.

Annual Meeting of Members
At the Annual Meeting of Members, NRA’s leaders interact with the assembled members. Also, the oldest and youngest Life members will be recognized.

Some changes were necessary to make this festival of freedom possible, including the National Friends of NRA Dinner and Banquet shifting to an expanded local Friends of NRA event. Kicking off the festivities in Houston on Thursday night will be the Houston Metro Friends of NRA event, and it will be held at the ballroom at Bayou Place on Thursday, Sept. 2. The doors open at 5:30 p.m., and single tickets start at $100, with the option to purchase reserved tables and sponsorships. All proceeds benefit The NRA Foundation and the future of shooting sports.

And, of course, there’s the Exhibit Hall, opening up on Friday, Sept. 3, at 9 a.m. It will also be open Saturday and Sunday. There will be, literally, 14 acres of guns and gear on display from the top companies in the firearm and accessory fields. Want to put the new Smith & Wesson Shield Plus or the Ruger MAX-9 in your hand? You can do it here. You can see the all the latest in new guns, ammunition, holsters and optics, as well as book your next hunt with guides and outfitters from all over the world. There will be displays of some of the most rare and interesting firearms from personal collections put together by NRA’s top gun-collecting affiliate clubs. This is an opportunity to see guns that are very seldom viewed by the public.

NRA Annual Meeting schedule

Other special events on Friday include NRA’s most anticipated women’s event of the year, the Women’s Leadership Forum Luncheon (ticket required), and the Annual Firearms Law Seminar, organized by the NRA’s Office of the General Counsel, which is the largest gathering of Second Amendment attorneys in the country. Preregistration is required.

Saturday’s main event is the Annual Meeting of Members, where your civil-rights organization encourages members to participate and help shape its future. At this historic gathering, members hear directly from the officers about the state of the NRA and have the chance to vote on issues and elect the 76th member of the NRA Board. The oldest and youngest Life members will also be recognized.

NRA Annual Meeting hoursSunday starts off with our National Prayer Breakfast, where members receive Christian inspirational messages and music. Shortly afterward, the Women’s New Energy Breakfast will offer one more chance for NRA women to network, learn about relevant programs, and meet the women in the leadership and staff of the NRA.

Seminars and workshops are being scheduled on topics ranging from concealed-carry fundamentals to how to interact with law enforcement and crime-prevention strategies, plus many more. There will also be two special presentations by Maj. John R. Plaster, U.S. Army (Ret.), the author of The History of Sniping and Sharpshooting, The Ultimate Sniper and other books. The first will be on “Sharpshooting in the Civil War” (there were no snipers, yet), and the second will be on “Sniping in World War II and the Korean War.” Historian Martin K.A. Morgan, a field editor for “American Rifleman Television” and the author of The Americans on D-Day: A Photographic History of the Normandy Invasion, will deliver three special presentations: “Unsung: The ANM2 .50-Caliber Browning Machine Gun in World War II”; “Battlefield Vietnam: The Men & Guns of Hué”; and “Mattel M16A1: The Frontier Between Truth and Mythology.” In addition, there will be a special presentation by the staff of NRAwomen.org called “Ladies First,” with some of the top trainers and leaders of growing organizations just for women.

Admission is free for NRA members and their immediate family (spouse and children under 18). Walk-up registration will be available on site for existing members, and you can join NRA on-site for free access to the show. We’ll see you there!

NRA Annual Meeting


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