After The First Shot

posted on April 15, 2016

In Season 2 of “Love at First Shot” on NRA News, hosts Natalie Foster and Julie Golob introduced women and men who had never used a gun before to the world of shooting. They also brought along the friend or family member who had convinced each of these individuals to try shooting for the first time, emphasizing the community ties that are so essential to building the gun-owning population.

Now, in “After The First Shot,” a special three-episode extension to the season, the hosts are revisiting three of the women for an update on their journeys since appearing on the show.

Jackie Ducci was introduced to firearms by her mother, Donna. She enjoyed the experience so much that she quickly decided to purchase her first firearm. But she soon found out that the strict gun-control laws in her home state of Connecticut meant it was by no means a simple process.The hosts are revisiting three of the women for an update on their journeys since appearing on the show.

Daria Bruno has been a gun enthusiast for a long time; she hosts a radio program about firearms and brought her friend Nancy, a former anti-gun activist, to the range. Here we get an inside look into her activities as a trainer and how her approach to firearms instruction has evolved. 

Josephine Diaz, who appeared on the program with her neighbor, was inspired to start a new gun group for women after feeling that her local club was dominated by men. She shares her insights into the challenges of organizing such a group and examines its achievements. 

These new episodes of “Love at First Shot” are coming very soon, and don’t forget that an all-new season will be on the way in the fall! To revisit the inspiring stories of Season 2—or to experience them for the first time—visit NRA News here.


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