Billionaires Bankroll Clinton’s Gun-Ban Campaign

posted on August 2, 2016

For all her talk about “fighting for you!,” Hillary Clinton sure isn’t bashful about collecting cash from the moneyed elites of the world.

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, international financier George Soros and several more of the world’s richest people are heavily backing Clinton and her radical anti-gun agenda. 

Last week, at the Democratic National Convention, Bloomberg threw his full-throated support behind Hillary Clinton. That’s no surprise, given that gun control has been one of Bloomberg’s favorite causes over the years. 

From “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” to “Everytown for Gun Safety” to “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America,” Michael Bloomberg has singlehandedly turned the formation and funding of anti-gun groups into a major national industry. 

When you’re the eighth-richest person in the world, as Bloomberg is, it’s easy to swoop down and spend millions to bankroll gun control in Washington state, and a million more in Nevada, and millions more in Maine. To Bloomberg, that’s play money

Indeed, as the Media Research Center pointed out last week, between 1999 and 2015, Bloomberg gave more than $42 million in political contributions. 

What’s more, in 2012, Bloomberg formed a so-called “super PAC”—called Independence USA PAC—which gave him the ability, as The New York Times reported, to “spend unlimited amounts of money in support of a candidate or issue.” 

Consider that: “unlimited amounts of money in support of a candidate or issue.”

In the case of Clinton, Bloomberg gets both. After all, is there any discernible difference between the candidate Clinton and the issue of gun control? Where does gun control end—and Clinton begin? It’s not easy to say. 

After all, Hillary Clinton’s presidential platform begins and ends with gun control. 

Clinton claims the U.S. Supreme Court was “wrong” to rule that the Second Amendment is your individual right, and says, “I’m going to make that case every chance I get.” … Michael Bloomberg has singlehandedly turned the formation and funding of anti-gun groups into a major national industry.

And Hillary Clinton also says that Australia’s confiscation and destruction of 640,000 semi-automatic and pump-action shotguns and rifles is “worth considering at the national level” here in the United States. 

So to Bloomberg, Clinton must represent the ideal candidate

The same could be said of George Soros, the international financier and longtime bankroller of gun control, whose net worth of $25 billion puts him in the top 25 richest people on the planet. 

After being soundly whipped in his effort against George W. Bush, Soros bowed out of politics for a time. But last week, Politico revealed that Soros has pledged or given more than $25 million to help Clinton and other Democrats. 

As of the end of June, according to the Federal Election Commission, Soros had given $7 million to a super PAC called “Priorities USA Action” in support of Clinton; another $2 million to another super PAC called “American Bridge 21st Century” that funds opposition research against Donald Trump and other Republican candidates; and had committed millions of dollars to other groups that are not required to disclose the identities of their donors. 

And Bloomberg and Soros are far from the only billionaire backers of gun control. 

As Forbes magazine warned in June, Bloomberg and Soros are joined in their gun-control efforts by everyone from Microsoft co-founders Bill Gates—the richest person in the world—and Paul Allen, to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, Oprah Winfrey and Warren Buffett (the third-richest person in the world). 

It’s one thing for these billionaire elitists to amass personal fortunes that exceed the net worth of entire nations. That’s their right. 

But for them to turn around and use those personal fortunes to try to steal the fundamental, God-given right of self-defense from millions of ordinary Americans—a right that they will always retain for themselves—is more than dangerous, hypocritical and unjust. 

In truth, it’s arrogance at its ugliest. And the only way to stop it is by rallying millions of Americans to step forward on Election Day, less than 100 days from now, to defeat Clinton, derail her billionaire-financed assault upon our freedoms, and defend our ability to protect ourselves and our families. 

That precious birthright depends on each and every one of us.


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