Bloomberg, Keep Your Hands Off Nevadans’ Gun Rights

posted on July 26, 2016
Chris Hamilton

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg is once again trying to use his wealth and influence to push through anti-gun legislation outside his home state of New York. This time his sights are set on Nevada, where he has succeeded in getting a question onto the upcoming November ballot. 

A “yes” vote on Nevada Question 1 supports requiring all firearm transfers to take place through the agency of a licensed dealer, with both parties present and a background check conducted. Please note that this applies to all transfers, not just sales—meaning a Nevada resident wouldn’t be able to gift a treasured heirloom gun to a child without getting an FFL holder involved.

This measure would do much to criminalize otherwise lawful activities by gun owners who do not understand the new restrictions, but there is no indication that they would stop criminals from acquiring guns—especially since arms traffickers tend to rely heavily on straw purchases, in which an individual capable of passing a background check purchases firearms for the purpose of passing them along to criminals.“What Bloomberg is doing is going to make criminals out of law-abiding citizens.” — Sheriff Ron Unger, Lander County, Nevada

Now the parents of a high-profile murder victim are speaking out to let the nation know that this measure would have done nothing to prevent their son’s death. I spoke to Art and Cindi Clark, who lost their son Branson, a 20-year-old college student, when he was shot execution-style after delivering a pizza. Now they are angry to see his death held up as a justification for stricter gun control. “Murders have been against the law since the beginning of time,” said Art. “No law has stopped murder.” 

I also heard from Sheriff Ron Unger of Lander County, who likewise opposes the measure. “If that criminal wants a gun, he is going to go get a gun, period,” he said. “What Bloomberg is doing is going to make criminals out of law-abiding citizens.”

Please listen to the message delivered by the grieving parents of Branson Clark and, if you are registered to vote in Nevada, vote “NO” on Question 1. Join the other states that have told Bloomberg to take his money and his mouth back to New York. 

Please watch my video on Nevada Question 1 and the murder of young Branson Clark here. For more information, visit the “Vote No on Question 1” website.


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