Bruce Piatt Discusses Second Amendment’s Importance

posted on April 7, 2018
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Competitive shooter Bruce Piatt was asked: What would you say when someone criticizes our Second Amendment and wants to pass more gun control laws in the wake of a tragedy, like a school shooing?   

“I, like many shooters, have been confronted for my thoughts on school shootings and how I justify not backing their so called ‘common-sense’ gun controls. Well, I take a breath and point out a few of the media’s incorrect statements like ‘gun show loopholes’ and other fallacies. When it comes to school shootings I impart my own ‘common-sense’ outlook on passing additional gun laws. I point out that murder will get you the death penalty or a life sentence in any state in the country, so it stands to reason that a school shooter isn’t going to give a second thought to breaking any number of new gun laws they choose to pass. If they say that these new laws will prevent people from getting a specific type of gun or any gun for that matter, I explain that heroin has been banned in the entire U.S. since 1924, yet you can buy it in nearly every neighborhood. It’s not the murderers ‘tools’ that need control; it’s the deranged person committing these terrible acts.”

Bruce Piatt’s shooting disciplines included Action Pistol, Tactical 3-Gun, USPSA/IPSC, Steel Challenge and Sportsman’s Team Challenge. A highlight of Bruce’s competition career was getting married in 1993 and spending his honeymoon competing at and winning his first Bianchi Cup in Columbia, Mo. Bruce is the founder of Bruce Piatt Training Concepts, LLC and provides R&D consulting to firearm industry manufacturers, shooting instruction and is a valued industry spokesperson.


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