Bruce Piatt Offers Tips for New Shooters

posted on January 27, 2018

Competitive shooter Bruce Piatt was asked: What is the best tip you could give a new shooter?

“I’m often asked a series of questions by new shooters looking to improve their skill. Some are trying to score better in competition, while some are looking to shoot their deer rifle better. And, of course, there are the ones who intend to carry a gun for self-defense. It doesn’t matter what style of shooting you are doing, my answers usually apply across the board.

“1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions at a local range. Many times a shooter will offer up their guns for new shooters to try which leads me to…

“2. Find a gun that fits you and your needs. Just because it’s highly reviewed, used by all the top shooters or it’s the most expensive or powerful doesn’t mean it’s the right gun for you.

“If after trying as many guns as you can you are still confused…

“3. Seek out a reputable instructor. Just like walking out on the golf course or tennis court during your first season, you can save yourself a lot of headache and probably some hard earned cash, if you spend some time with a good instructor. The biggest thing to remember during this entire process is to remember Safety First and have fun doing it. Shooting is a challenge that is difficult to explain but oh so enjoyable to experience.”

Bruce Piatt’s shooting disciplines included Action Pistol, Tactical 3-Gun, USPSA/IPSC, Steel Challenge and Sportsman’s Team Challenge. A highlight of Bruce’s competition career was getting married in 1993 and spending his honeymoon competing at and winning his first Bianchi Cup in Columbia, Mo. Bruce is the founder of Bruce Piatt Training Concepts, LLC and provides R&D consulting to firearm industry manufacturers, shooting instruction and is a valued industry spokesperson.


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