Calling All Voters

posted on January 14, 2016

The general presidential election in November may still seem far off, but in many states, primary elections are just around the corner. And keep in mind that in most states, registration deadlines occur weeks before the actual voting—so if you’re not already registered at your correct address, you may be running out of time.

This post is intended as a roundup of useful information for potential voters who aren’t quite clear on what is required of them—there’s nothing worse than getting around to checking and realizing that you’re too late to play your part. Make sure you … 

… Know When Your Primary Is And When To Register By 

A few deadlines have already passed, but most Americans still have the option of registering for the primaries or updating their registration—not to say that there’s much time left. This table shows the election dates and registration deadlines, along with deadlines for early in-person voting and absentee ballot request and return. 

... Know What Your Primary Is

Primary elections differ widely depending on what state you live in. Is your primary open, closed or semi-closed? What are Top Two, the Cajun Primary and blanket primaries? Information on primary types is available here—you may find that what you learn affects your choice of how to register. 

… Know How To Register To Vote 

We hope that most of you are already registered to vote, but the important thing is to get that way before election time. If you’ve moved recently, you may need to change your address or register in a different state. A good summary of what you need to register is available here

… Know Who To Vote For 

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to hear the presidential frontrunners’ views on gun rights, but don’t forget that you’ll also be voting on who your state sends to Congress. The NRA Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) provides grades so you can quickly determine how firmly a given candidate supports your Second Amendment rights. The 2016 grades are forthcoming, but you can browse previous years for information on candidates’ voting records. 

… Know How To Help 

Casting your vote isn’t the only way you can make a difference in preserving our American freedoms. Information on recruitment and volunteering is also available on the NRA-PVF website. Take your future into your own hands!



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