Standing Guard | A Time Like No Other

posted on July 21, 2020
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We are in a time of historic responsibility, a time of fundamental threats to our freedom and, yes, a time of great opportunity—if we dare to seize it. 

There are now tens of thousands of new gun owners; people who, in part because of this pandemic, have decided to embrace their Second Amendment rights for the first time. These people need our help. They need to know that here at the NRA we have the resources for them to find certified instructors (, the best gun-safety advice available ( and a lot of how-to support from NRA Publications (

Most important, they need to know that NRA members like you are the reason they have the freedom to purchase, own and use firearms. There can be no question that without you and your strong membership support, this sacred freedom would have died a long time ago. Now, it’s up to you and me to bring as many of these first-time gun owners into our NRA family—so they too can play an active role in defending and strengthening our Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

As we survey the political landscape leading up to the most consequential national election in the history of our Second Amendment freedom, one thing is clear: Winning in November will require the most monumental effort you, me and the NRA has ever put forth.

Media elites are twisting facts, fabricating stories and outright campaigning for every anti-gun politician on the ballot this November.  

“We’ve overcome challenging odds and won victories for our Second Amendment rights that few thought possible.”

Gun-hating billionaires like Michael Bloomberg and George Soros are spending tens of millions of dollars to flat out buy an anti-gun majority in Congress.

Joe Biden—the most anti-gun presidential candidate we’ve ever faced—is promising to “take on the NRA” and eviscerate our Second Amendment rights like no other president in history. He’s vowed to resurrect the disastrous Clinton-era ban on the manufacture and sale of semi-automatic rifles and standard-capacity magazines. And if you think you’re safe from Biden’s ban because you already own an AR, think again. Under Biden’s plan, every gun owner in America who owns a semi-automatic rifle would be forced to register their firearms with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. According to Biden, gun owners will have only “two options”: register your guns or sell them to the government. 

He’s also promising to institute a national gun-rationing scheme that would bar every law-abiding American from purchasing more than one firearm per month. 

Last but certainly not least, Biden has vowed to bankrupt firearms manufacturers by changing the law to allow anti-gun lawyers to bury them under an avalanche of crippling, frivolous lawsuits.

Biden and anti-gun forces across every inch of the political spectrum are lining up to take our guns.

The question is: Who among us will line up to stop them?

I know I can count on you. As an NRA member, you’ve already done more to protect the Second Amendment than most Americans will ever do in a lifetime.

However, with nothing less than the full measure of our freedom on the line this November, I hope you’ll consider doing even more. 

Register to vote and help register other gun owners as well.

Sign up at and to receive critical alerts and breaking news about the fight to defend your Second Amendment rights.

Support pro-gun candidates across the country by making a special contribution to the NRA Political Victory Fund.

Help grow the strength of our membership by recruiting as many new NRA members as possible.

Finally, when you go to vote on Election Day, bring at least five other pro-freedom voters with you.

You and I are battle-tested warriors in the fight for freedom. We’ve overcome challenging odds and won victories for our Second Amendment rights that few thought possible. Now, as we charge headlong into the most crucial months of the biggest Election Year fight we’ve ever faced, I know that your continued NRA leadership, activism, and support can and will make all the difference on Election Day. 

Thank you, as always, for your friendship. It is a true honor to fight by your side!


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