Candidate Proposes More Gun And Ammo Taxes

posted on August 1, 2018

Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Chris King has openly embraced gun control restrictions, including an “assault weapons” ban, magazine bans and so-called “universal” background checks. He also vows to “stand up to the NRA” in his campaign ad.

Now King is advancing a proposal that would impose new taxes on firearms and ammunition. His “Every Kid Fund” would receive existing sales taxes from gun purchases, plus a new 6 percent surcharge levied on ammunition sales. In a tweet on June 1, King explained that the fund will “provide for prevention and intervention programs, school safety, designated and official trauma centers, and research to treat gun violence like the public health epidemic it is.”

In reality, King’s so-called “gun safety” proposal wouldn’t make Floridians any safer. Its only desired effect is to make gun ownership as expensive, time-consuming and inconvenient as possible. And it would be just another step toward eliminating guns entirely.



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