Chris W. Cox: NRA Will Expose Dishonest Media

posted on April 7, 2017

NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox said that the NRA will expose those in the mainstream media who are using the First Amendment to try and destroy the Second Amendment.

What this really is, is a validation of what Wayne LaPierre has been saying for the last 20 years. Whether you call it dishonest media or fake news, it’s the same thing,” Cox said during Friday’s interview with NRATV’s Grant Stinchfield. “And the fact that Wayne is out there, this organization, you and everyone at NRATV is out there telling the truth that the media just refuses to report on, it’s important. The American people need it—they’re hungry for it. And the traditional media and the mainstream media continues to lose the faith of the American people and this is exactly why. We’re going to expose them when they continue to use the First Amendment to try and destroy the Second Amendment.”

He continued: “The American people are smarter than the media gives them credit for. The American people know it’s the criminals in Chicago that are out there causing problems. It’s the criminals in Baltimore and all of these cities across the country—and law abiding gun owners are not the problem. But, that doesn’t feed that narrative. It’s not what drives up TV ratings on the Today Show. It’s not what drives up ratings on CNN or sells more People Magazine. They want to be out there talking about the negative use of firearms when it pales in comparison to the 100 million people who own guns legally in this country.”

Cox reminded every freedom-loving American that it is up to the NRA and its members to spread the truth about the Second Amendment.

“So, it’s up to us. The media’s not going to do it. It’s up to us through NRATV, through all of our magazines, our publications and through being an NRA member—getting out there and talking to your fellow Americans about the truth: that we’re not the problem and the truth is, we’re the solution. And we need to be proud of that.”




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