Sheriff David Clarke: Cop Under Fire

posted on March 6, 2017

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke joined NRATV’s Grant Stinchfield Monday to discuss his new book, Cop Under Fire: Moving Beyond Hashtags of Race, Crime & Politics for a Better America. The book on speaks on government corruption, disregard for the Constitution, racial tension, and the growing resistance towards law enforcement. Sheriff Clarke said the book was written with members of the GOP and moderate Democrats in mind because they “know better but are afraid to touch these issues.”

“I’m trying to give them the inspiration and the courage to stiffen their spine, to stand up and start doing what’s right for people,” Clarke said. “Until we begin to shame and condemn some of this dysfunctionality that the left likes to embrace as if it’s culturally redeeming—like wearing your pants down below your rear-end, stuff like that—that stuff is garbage, it’s rot, and it needs to be said.”

Clarke continued: “But it really needs to start with people like Elijah Cummings. People like John Conn who’s from Michigan, Elijah Cummings of the Baltimore area. People like Maxine Waters in California, Gwen Moore in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. These folks know better. A report came out the other day that they’re living high off the hog in Washington D.C., and you look at the urban decay going on in their communities back home. And so I think that’s a shame.”


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