Colion Noir: Maxim 9 Full Review: More NOIR

posted on May 26, 2017

Last Friday, NRATV’s Colion Noir made an exciting announcement about the sixth season of NOIR, the industry’s leading show on guns, culture and everything in-between. “One thing you’ve said from the beginning is ‘we want more Noir.’ So this year, I’m doing things a little different,” Noir said in a video announcement to his fans. “This year, we’re gonna release content while we’re still in production. Some of these videos will make it into the final episodes this fall. Others will be stand alone. Either way, my goal is to give you exactly what you want: more NOIR.” 

Thus far, Noir has made good on his promise, releasing an additional four videos this week, three of which teased an exclusive first look at SilencerCo’s new Maxim 9, the industry’s first integrally suppressed handgun. Today, Colion delivered on that exclusive first look. His fans will not be disappointed.

“The first time I saw the Maxim 9 I thought ‘yeah, that’s exactly what I thought the first integrally suppressed handgun would look like,’” Noir says in his new review of a Maxim 9 prototype. “Visually, it was doing something, but I just couldn’t wrap my head around exactly what that was.” He then goes on to describe some of the analogies being made about the unique look of the new firearm, including a Robocop gun, a “tactical tennis racket” and a gun from 2025. “To be honest, each and every one of those descriptions is correct.”

As Noir goes in-depth on the look, feel and handle of the Maxim 9 prototype, his fans will note that there’s more than meets the eye for this first-of-its-kind firearm. For that full review, head over to NRATV and watch. For a quick glimpse, check out the preview above.

Noir and NRATV are set on giving their viewers more NOIR, and this is just the beginning of all-new content. Keep visiting NRATV for the latest new episodes, and get involved by using #MoreNOIR.








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