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posted on March 8, 2022
Deborah Allen

Country music fans who have listened to the genre through the years know Deborah Allen for her smash hit, “Baby I Lied.” The single was one of the first crossover songs at radio and helped ignite a successful career spanning more than four decades, with equally popular songs including “I’ve Been Wrong Before” and “I Hurt For You.” Allen has performed on the Grand Ole Opry stage and even earned Grammy nominations both as a songwriter and vocalist. Despite all of her success, she has no plans to slow down anytime soon, with a new album set to be released this Spring. NRA Country’s Lisa Supernaugh took a few moments to ask the dynamic Delta singer from Memphis, Tenn., a few questions.

LS: You’ve performed for millions of people all over this country. What makes you proud to be an American?
DA: The people. The patriots. The heroes who’ve been willing to selflessly give of themselves to keep us safe and protect the freedom we enjoy every day. The United States of America is truly a beacon of hope and light that shines throughout the world! 

LS: Who taught you how to shoot?
DA: My daddy taught me how to shoot and respect a gun when I was a young girl. He handed me his .22 rifle, showed me how to hold it up to my shoulder, take aim and fire. It was kind of scary, but exciting. I got a sense of feeling a little more grown up. I was proud that he trusted me with the responsibility that comes with handling a firearm. 

LS: Do you have a favorite personal firearm?
DA: My favorite firearm is a Colt .38 revolver because of its simplicity and fire power. It’s easy to use! 

LS: What’s ahead for you in the rest of 2022?
DA: Right now I am excited about having completed my new album, titled “The Art Of Dreaming” which is set to be released by Audium-Nashville-BFD in stores and on your favorite digital platforms this spring! “Blue Collar Baby,” “Patsy Cline Crazy”and “All Or Nothing At All” are slated to be singles early on, but I am proud of the entire album. It’s a good mix of my Memphis roots and my Nashville influences. I can’t wait to perform my new songs in theaters, performing arts centers, fairs and festivals for all my friends and music lovers all across America! I hope to see you there! Til then… visit me at to connect with me for all the latest updates! 

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