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posted on April 11, 2022
Lorrie Morgan

Country music fans know Lorrie Morgan’s many career accolades. A Grand Ole Opry member, she first performed on the hallowed stage at the age of 13. The standing ovations she received that night foreshadowed a long and successful music career. The list includes three Billboard No.1 hit singles at radio, multiple platinum albums, and recordings with everyone from Keith Whitley to Dolly Parton. But what fans may not know is that Morgan is just as at home outdoors as she is on stage. NRA Country’s Lisa Supernaugh took a moment to learn about the lesser-known side of Lorrie Morgan.

LS: Who taught you how to shoot?
LM: The person who actually taught me how to shoot a pistol, rifle and shotgun was a former husband, Sammy Kershaw. At the time, my son, Jesse Keith Whitley, was a teenager and loved to hunt and when I was home I wanted to share time with him doing things he wanted to do. Going hunting with Jesse was so special. Whether it was deer or turkey, we always had a great time.

LS: Do you have a favorite personal firearm?
LM: My favorite Personal firearm is an Uselton Arms .45 ACP stainless steel compact classic. I like the way it feels and shoots, and I carry it with me at all times. I got to meet Rick Uselton. What a sweet man and a former Army Ranger.  

LS: Have you had any memorable hunting experiences with other celebrities?
LM: I’ve been invited to go on many celebrity hunts and fishing tournaments. Rhett Akins and some of his buddies in Georgia started an event called Country Goes Hunting to raise money for certain charities and veterans. That was always an event I loved to attend and is where I got my first turkey. Another time I hunted pheasants in Nebraska with my friend John Anderson.

LS: You’re a busy woman. What’s ahead for you in 2022?
LM: I’m going into the studio this Spring, getting ready to record a brand new album of country songs that I have always wanted to record. Some are mine that I have written and some are from other great writers. I also partnered with a restaurant company, the Steel Coops, to establish Lorrie Morgan’s Hot Chicken. I started writing a book with a close friend who knows everything about me so it will be my most honest and open story of my life in the music industry. Watch for my first podcast this Fall. And of course I’ll be playing concerts—I’m so thankful to be back on tour after the last two years of COVID-19.

Stay up to date on all news, tour dates and music releases by visiting www.lorrie.com

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