Elderly Man in Wheelchair Shoots Alleged Burglar who said “Give Me That Gun before You Hurt Yourself, Old Man”

posted on September 27, 2019

A retired, elderly man in a wheelchair shot his rifle inside his Arkansas home at an alleged intruder with an extensive criminal history, Capt. Preston Williams, of the Mississippi County Sheriff’s Department, told America’s 1st Freedom.

The elderly man was awakened in his home Sept. 17 by loud noise around 3 a.m., and found a stranger in his living room.

The homeowner asked the apparent intruder to leave, but the man ignored him and instead began to fix himself some food and drink.

Despite the homeowner’s repeated order to leave the premises, the alleged burglar began to unplug a living room TV.

According to Capt. Williams, the homeowner then grabbed his Remington Speedmaster .22 long rifle and once more asked the intruder to leave.

But the man reportedly responded: “Give me that gun before you hurt yourself, old man.”

The homeowner then fired at the man one time, striking him in the leg. The alleged intruder fled from the house immediately, said Capt. Williams.

When officers arrived, the suspect was found across the street and transported to a hospital in Jonesboro, Ark. Once his injuries were treated, the suspect was arrested and charged with residential burglary.

Capt. Williams said the intruder has an extensive criminal history. Meanwhile, the homeowner, he added, is not being charged since he was in lawful possession of the firearm and acted in self-defense.


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