Explainer of Why More Guns Equal Less Crime

posted on January 24, 2019

It should come as no surprise to law-abiding gun owners that there actually are reasons why we need to fight to keep the Left from further infringing on our right to keep and bear arms. But for those who need a primer on the historical purpose of the Second Amendment and its multiple purposes, recommend that they watch this video.

In in, Judge Andrew Napolitano interviews gun John Lott, a researcher with the Crime Prevention Research Center and author of “The War on Guns” and other books, about the importance of being able to defend yourself and your loved ones, as well as the fact that an armed populace adds a layer of protection against tyranny.

Remember, of course, that back in the early days of this nation’s existence, one reason the Colonists went to war with England was that King George was being tyrannical, imposing restrictions against the Colonies arbitrarily and such. Remember, too, that in those days a person was pretty much on his own to protect himself against criminal acts or threats from wildlife.

Thus the Founding Fathers had two very good reasons for ensuring that our natural right to self-protection in myriad forms be preserved. Hence, the Second Amendment.

The gun grabbers seem to forget those basics of history when they get on their soap box about how guns are evil. But, as they say in the video, the right to self-protection is such that a person should have access to the same equipment as a threat might.


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