Federal Expands Hydra-Shok Deep Line

posted on February 16, 2019

Federal has shipped two new calibers in its Hydra-Shok Deep line of offerings. 

 Federal started the line with the 9 mm Luger, one of the most popular calibers for handguns. The line took off, selling well enough to justify expanding the line to include .40 S&W and .45 ACP.

 The Hydra-Shok Deep line is designed to penetrate 15 inches through heavy clothing, a depth that the FBI categorizes as optimal. With that, the product line has scored well on the FBI protocol test.

 Besides that, the round offers a center post design that leads to better and more consistent expansion through standard barriers.

 Prices are $31.95 for the .40 and $33.95 for the .45.


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