NOIR: Season 4 Episode 6

posted on November 10, 2015

On the sixth episode of NOIR Season 4, Colion Noir talks about how the Second Amendment is an essential tool for empowering minorities—and how gun control came directly out of racist efforts to deny firearms to newly enfranchised black Americans. We also see a startling departure from the usual “caliber” of firearms featured on the show. We asked Colion some questions about what went into this episode. 

A1F Daily: Do you find that people are surprised to learn about the racist origins of gun control, like it’s the opposite of what they had assumed to be true? Was this history something that you found out about after you were already into guns? 

Colion Noir: It’s pretty even. There are those people who knew about how gun control comes from racist motives, and then there are other people who had no clue. However, when the people who had no clue find out, they’re never really all that surprised. I was always aware of it. It just made sense to me. If I’m a racist, I’m clearly not going to want a group of people who I don’t consider people having the benefit of owning a gun. 

A1F: It was interesting to hear Rami’s perspective on American freedom versus the situation in Syria. How did you first meet up with him? 

CN: I just happened to meet Rami in a random parking lot in Dallas one night while he was in his rapey van. True story! 

A1F: Do you have a recommended go-to cheap gun? Say, if someone were looking to spend less than $300? ​ 

CN: Yeah, a used Glock or Smith & Wesson M&P can be purchased for about $400 and are quite good. However, if someone were looking to spend less than $300, I would say a used Ruger SR9 or SR9c.  

The new episode is available on NRA News. To watch it in its entirety, go here!



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