Former President Clinton Says the Next Congress Should Do This With Your Rights

posted on November 7, 2022
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Just before the midterm election on November 8, former President Bill Clinton (D) put out a gun-control video.

“We must act now,” said the former president, as he voiced support for a ban on commonly owned semi-automatic firearms, standard-capacity magazines and more.

It is as if the polls are showing voters are buying the gun-control groups’ fiction that Second Amendment freedom is to blame for the recent rise in crime.

Of course, during his tenure in the Oval Office, Clinton did sign the “1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban,” but that legislation was later determined to have had a negligible, if any, effect on crime according to a congressionally mandated study.

This isn’t the only time Clinton has raised the possibility of reviving such a ban in recent history. In 2019, he penned an op-ed that, like the video, was filled with provably false statements in pursuit of his gun-control agenda.

“Gun control advocates like Clinton have long understood that dishonestly conflating the commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms used by Americans for self-defense and the shooting sports with automatic firearms accrues to their political benefit,” wrote the NRA Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) in response to Clinton at the time.

Coincidentally, a zest for taking away Americans’ Second Amendment freedom helped to ensure Al Gore—vice president under Clinton—lost his run for the presidency in 2000; in fact, Gore’s gun-control push was dissected in the very first issue of America’s 1st Freedom.

Similarly, Bill Clinton is apparently choosing to ignore the political repercussions he experienced when he signed his gun ban into law in 1994.  That very year, the midterm elections saw control of both chambers of Congress flip, as gun-ban supporters were ousted by the American electorate across the nation.

Clinton even seems to forget his own breakdown of the historic 1994 midterm elections, when he told the Cleveland Plain Dealer, “The fight for the assault-weapons ban cost 20 members their seats in Congress.” Although his claim of 20 seats lost is arguably a significant underestimation, he doesn’t seem to remember, or maybe doesn’t care, that voting for unpopular, unconstitutional gun bans costs politicians their seats in Congress.

President Joe Biden (D), meanwhile, has long made his desire to enact such a ban widely known; in fact, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre recently reiterated as much.

If Clinton says “now” is the time to enact such a ban ahead of the midterm elections, one doesn’t have to guess what happens if gun-control-supporting politicians have control in the next Congress.


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