From The Editor: Biden Sees No Evil

posted on May 18, 2023
Frank Miniter

Every time evil, in any of its selfish manifestations, consumes a person so totally that this person goes on a quest to murder as many human beings as they can, the authoritarians in our society tell lawfully armed citizens that, in order to disempower evil, the good must disarm.

They seem to think surrendering to evildoers is an effective strategy. 

All the examples showing that so-called “gun-free” zones are often targeted by monsters somehow doesn’t seem important to them. They don’t find it illuminating that even the recent evildoer in Tennessee, according to the authorities, considered other targets but found them to be too well defended. 

Those who want good citizens to disarm, such as politicians like President Joe Biden (D), seem to believe that if they can just take enough freedom from us, if they can just empower the authorities to control us closely enough, then we’ll all somehow be safe even though the police can’t possibly be everywhere all the time. And, they might add, if we’re not happy in such a dystopian society, there are medications for that.

There are so many problems with this worldview; for starters, just how would yet more restrictions on the law-abiding take evil out of the hearts of the few sick individuals who are committing these heinous crimes? Also, wouldn’t focusing on finding and treating the few potentially violent mentally ill individuals in our society before they act be a better idea? 

Gun-control proponents try to slip out of this logic by claiming that commonly owned semi-automatic firearms are “weapons of war” and are therefore too powerful or functional or something for civilians. But, if that were true, then why do these attacks by armed psychopaths on concentrated groups of individuals seem to be happening today when semi-automatic firearms, and all sorts of other mechanical wonders, such as revolvers and lever-action carbines, have been popularly sold to the public for well over a century? 

And what about the million-plus Americans every year who use firearms to defend themselves, mostly without even firing a shot? Should they instead be victims? 

The hard truth here is that no good and rational person, nor any good and sensible government, can morally make the claim that law-abiding citizens should be disarmed and thus be powerless before any criminal, psychopath or terrorist. 

Nevertheless, last March, President Biden again demanded that Congress pass an “assault-weapons ban.” Then, when White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked if such a ban would also mean a massive gun confiscation, she dodged the question.

“Let me just be very clear. What we’re talking about, AR-15s, these [sic] assault weapons ban, they are weapons of war, and they should not be on the streets across the country in our communities … ,” said Jean-Pierre. “That’s what the president believes, and he has done more than any other president the first two years on the executive order. And, as you know, we all know how government works. There’s only so much that [President Biden] can do. And so now it’s time for Congress to do the work. And he’s happy to sign, once that happens, he’s happy to sign that legislation that says, ‘OK, we’re going to remove assault weapons—we’re going have an assault weapons ban.’”

Biden sees no evil. He only sees an opportunity to disarm law-abiding Americans, an unconstitutional effort that would make those of us who don’t have armed security more vulnerable.



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