Grant Stinchfield Challenges Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn To Come On NRATV And Answer For His Baseless Claims

posted on December 12, 2016

NRATV host Grant Stinchfield is holding Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn to account for his baseless claim that “concealed-carry permit holders—many of whom have extensive criminal records” are responsible for the city’s high crime rate. 

“He needs to answer publically for the damage he creates by claiming—with no proof, mind you—that concealed-carry permit holders are responsible for an increase in crime in Milwaukee,” Stinchfield said. “He attacks all freedom- loving Americans.”  

While Stinchfield and other commentators have invited Flynn to come on NRATV to explain the reasoning behind his lies, the chief continues to run scared. “When you attack gun owners by spreading lies in an effort to destroy their credibility, you better be prepared to answer for yourself,” Stinchfield said. “Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn is running from NRATV.” Stinchfield then closed by addressing Flynn directly: “You can’t prove anything. You run from us because you know I’m right.”

Stinchfield is among a choir of voices at NRATV who are calling upon Chief Flynn to come on air and defend his claims. Watch Dana Loesch call Flynn the “chicken-crap chief” and also tell him to “put up or shut up.” 

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