HAVA Teaches Long-Range Skills to Wounded Warriors

posted on November 18, 2018

Those who have been severely injured in combat are getting the chance to work on their long-range skills with a new and exciting program.

Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA) launched a new three-day precision rifle program in Leesburg, Fla., in October. The long-range shooting program is run through the Learn to Shoot Again (LTSA) division, where instructors who have also been severely injured teach advanced shooting skills to their students in an effort to reconnect their students to outdoor activities they had once enjoyed prior to their injuries. The training took out 11 veterans to learn how to shoot out to 900 yards.

“Long-range shooting skills are just one of the lessons that our LTSA instructors bring to these students who deserve everything that we can do to inspire and assist in their recovery,” said HAVA Chairman Tom Taylor.

Injuries that shooters have endured range from hand amputations, to inoperable hands, broken backs, shoulder reconstructions, traumatic brain injuries and other serious issues. But with the training, shooters can learn adaptable skills of a long-range shooter and find their injuries are not so debilitating. This helps them become more optimistic about their futures.

 “The fact that our instructors have each personally gone through the re-habilitation process after the loss of a limb or other severe injury is a real-life example for the student that recovery from tragedy is possible, and that the best part of life may still be in their future,” said Taylor. “We believe that our efforts can make the ultimate difference with a disabled veteran who might otherwise not be able to fulfill their long-term potential for happiness.”

HAVA was formed by companies in the shooting and outdoor industry to raise awareness and assist disable veterans through their healing process with guided hunts, shooting events and other outdoor activities.


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