NOIR: A New Season Begins

posted on September 15, 2015

We’ve been fans of Colion Noir since he became an NRA News Commentator, but giving him his own series has allowed him to really shine. NOIR is now beginning its fourth season on NRA News, and it looks to be fresher and more authentic than ever. We asked Colion to give us some insight into what to expect from this first episode of the new season.

A1FD: Season 3 had an overarching theme, where you were on the road a lot and exploring the gun industry. Are we going to see something similar this time around? 

Colion Noir: Last season definitely had an “Under Wild Tactical Skies" vibe to it, where we traveled extensively and talked to industry figures around the country. However, this time we are focusing on the people outside of the industry. Any traveling I do functions more as a byproduct of wanting to talk to specific individuals. In general we’re going to be a lot closer to home this season and working on a more intimate scale. More than ever before, we’re really exploring what the Second Amendment means to ordinary people. 

A1FD: In just a few words, what is this episode about? 

CN: Episode one of Season 4 is what I call the political appetizer. It’s the introduction to what you should expect from this season, giving you just enough to whet your appetite and getting you ready for the main course that is the rest of the season. 

A1FD: Are we in for a lot of talking, or is there still going to be running and shooting?

CN: Both. I’m a shooter to the core, and shooting is what I do. So there will always be shooting, but there will be a lot more discussion this season than what most people are used to. I wanted this season to be about the conversation on guns you don’t see or hear in the mainstream media, where it’s just flinging insults and not really saying anything of substance. 

Stay tuned for the new episode of NOIR, and catch up on the first three seasons here.



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