Hornady Receives Award for Innovative Vehicle Safe

posted on November 28, 2018

Hornady Manufacturing was recently honored for a well-designed product to keep firearm owners’ guns safe in their vehicles. The company was chosen by OpticsPlanet to receive the Brilliance Award for manufacturing Best Pistol Safe in 2018.

According to A1F contributor Patrick Sweeney, people who every-day carry (EDC) often run into the task of safely navigating local laws that prohibit or allow conceal carry on their premises. The simple solution, he says, is to store the gun in your car. Sweeney suggests using a sturdy metal storage box and discreetly tucking the firearm into the box and sliding it under the seat without attracting notice. This can be easier said than done, determined by the available safe boxes on the market as well as the interior design of your car.

Hornady took this into serious consideration when designing the RAPiD Vehicle Safe’s patent-pending mounting system, which uses an inflatable bladder to conform between the contours of a car seat and console. In addition the technology utilizes an RFID wristband, key fob or decal to open the safe for discreet retrieval of a firearm.

“We knew we were onto something brilliant with our groundbreaking RAPiD Vehicle Safe, so it’s great to see OpticsPlanet agree,” said Renae Waltemath, Hornady Director of Sales. “This safe builds on all the great features of our RAPiD® Safe line and takes it a step further.”

Hornady worked hard to ensure the safe is tamper-proof for pry resistance, lock strength, drop, pick and saw tests, and high attack resistance with a 14-gauge steel exterior. Two internal hardened locking lugs ensure further durability, and the safe meets ASTM International safety standards for children who attempt to open the box.



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