Hypocrite Julianne Moore Says Gun Control Not A Second Amendment Issue

posted on October 26, 2017
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Now playing in theaters is a movie titled “Kingsman: The Golden Circle.” It has been documented as containing 118 incidents of gun violence, and 43 of 52 reviewers found the film to be “severe” in terms of violence and gore. But that hasn’t kept the movie-going public away: To date, the flick has grossed more than $90 million in the United States and nearly $350 million worldwide.

That must be great news for one of its stars, Julianne Moore, who seemingly relished the opportunity to play a bad guy. "I loved the character, I loved the fact she is so accomplished,” Moore told The Sun Online. “She has an agenda and something she believes, so it makes her a credible villain.”

Too bad Moore doesn’t have the same credibility when the cameras stop rolling. The actress is affiliated with the Michael Bloomberg-funded Everytown For Gun Safety and serves as the founding chair of the Everytown Creative Council. The group recently launched a new effort dubbed #RejectTheNRA. The initiative urges citizens to contact their representatives to oppose H.R. 3668, the Sportsman’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act (SHARE Act), and H.R. 38, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act. However, the talking points provided for constituents to repeat include ridiculous and baseless claims about the purported dangerousness of the bills. Watch the spot here, and then see what NRA-ILA had to say about the video.

Too bad Moore doesn’t have the same credibility when the cameras stop rolling.Last week, Moore herself appeared on “The View” and her hypocrisy immediately began spewing forth. She insisted that her pet topic of gun control isn’t a Second Amendment issue, but instead a “safety issue.” Trying to separate guns from the Second Amendment seems to be the only way liberal elites think they can win this battle—but America isn’t biting. We suggest instead that she do a second reading of the Constitution and make special note of the last phrase, “shall not be infringed.”

Moore went on to liken guns to cars and noted the safety regulations that have been added to vehicles, and proposed that we do the same with guns—even limiting the number of firearms that one can own. Many of the restrictions that she calls for are either already in place or have been enacted without success. The Left Coast of California has some of America’s most stringent gun controls on record, yet not even those were able to prevent the 2015 attack in San Bernardino.

More importantly, the U.S. Constitution doesn’t enshrine our right to keep and bear cars. And all of the vehicle safety regulations haven’t reduced deaths any more than gun regulations would—some 40,200 died in traffic fatalities in 2016, the highest number in nearly a decade. Duke researcher Chris Conover has even stated that owning a car is 80 percent riskier than owning a gun as it relates to the lives of others.

After making these ridiculous assertions, Moore no doubt sped off to the bank, laughing all the way while surrounded by her armed security detail, to pick up the latest financial windfall from her box-office success. Maybe she really is a credible villain after all.


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