Initiative 1639 is so Bad, Police Oppose It

posted on October 9, 2018

Law enforcement units have to deal with guns a lot—guns being used by criminals, guns being carried by law-abiding citizens and guns of their own that they rely on in their jobs. So it would be fair to say that have expertise when it comes to evaluating gun laws, and Washington’s ballot initiative is so bad, key police groups oppose it.

The 30-page ballot initiative, known as I-1639, is a bold attempt to strip law-abiding gun owners of their constitutional rights and the right to protect themselves. Among other things, I-1639 so broadly defines “assault weapons” that ordinary, recreational firearms in common use fall under its auspices. It also allows the government to confiscate firearms. And, despite the fact that its liberal backers refer to it as common-sense gun safety, it would do nothing to reduce the incidence of violent crime.

Police realize it.

The Washington State Sheriffs Association (WSSA) during a meeting on Sept. 26, 2018, made a motion opposing Initiative I-1639. The motion carried.

The Washington Council of Police & Sheriffs (WACOPS) said the initiative flies in the face of law enforcement’s purpose. "WACOPS believe that Initiative 1639 contains provision that are in clear violation of both state and federal individual constitutional rights, which, as law enforcement, officers, WACOPS members are sworn to uphold,” the group’s Executive Director Teresa Taylor said.

And the Washington State Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor Association (WSLEFIA) said, "Initiative 1639 is being promoted as a public safety measure; those actually working law enforcement know that IT WILL DO NOTHING TO STOP A SINGLE CRIME. This initiative has nothing to do with ‘assault weapons’ and is directed only at our good citizens who already pass multiple background checks before owning a firearm.”

Voting on the measure starts Oct. 19. It’s time for Washington voters to make their voices heard. For more information about the scope of I-1639 and why you should oppose it, go to


Philip Schreier
Philip Schreier

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