Is Justice Done?

posted on April 1, 2015

After years of corruption and scandal, Eric Holder is prepared to pass along the title of attorney general. Will his successor fix what’s broken?

With heir apparent Loretta Lynch put on hold by the U.S. Senate just before press time, Holder’s six years of mass corruption within the Department of Justice (DOJ) hasn’t quite come to an end. Many will remember Holder as the first and only U.S. attorney general in American history to be held in contempt of Congress on both civil and criminal grounds.

As we bid Holder adieu (French for “Don’t let the door hit you …”), it seems only appropriate to look back at a partial list of the scandals we all suffered under Holder’s tenure. During that time he:

  • Armed Mexican drug lords through the Fast and Furious scandal, resulting in the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and many others. Since then, he has spent several years trying to cover up the truth, even lying to Congress about it in 2011;
  • Declared the Fort Hood massacre to be “workplace violence”;
  • Ignored IRS targeting of conservative groups;
  • Treated terrorists as criminal defendants;
  • Allowed New Black Panther intimidation of voters;
  • Vocally opposed Arizona immigration laws supported by citizens of the state;
  • Used political litmus tests to hire DOJ employees;
  • Oversaw spying on the Associated Press, where months worth of phone records at the news wire, as well as from the home telephones of reporters and editors, were collected;
  • Allegedly oversaw bugging of CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson’s computers;
  • Oversaw monitoring of emails and phones of a Fox News reporter;
  • Opposed voter ID laws designed to ensure fair elections;
  • Helped enable Operation Choke Point, which pushed banks to discontinue service to gun-related businesses;
  • Stirred up racial tensions after Ferguson, Mo., police shooting, resulting in widespread rioting;
  • Repeatedly attacked the Second Amendment-protected right to keep and bear arms at every opportunity.

It’s little wonder that Americans who believe in freedom and liberty are glad to see Holder finally on his way out. His tenure at the DOJ represents a sad, disgusting time in our nation’s history—a time historians will likely look back on with even more distaste than we have experienced suffering through it.

We at America’s 1st Freedom would like to take this opportunity to challenge Holder’s successor, whoever that might be, to run an honest DOJ that once again focuses on justice for all Americans—a DOJ we can once again be proud of.

Is that too much to ask?


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