Jon Langston is NRA Country

posted on January 1, 2020

Not many people go from being a fan at Luke Bryan’s Farm Tour to performing on the very same stage only a few years later, but that can be said of country star Jon Langston. His career has been on a meteoric rise ever since that day in 2017, having sold out dozens of shows, signing a record deal under Luke Bryan’s new record label and opening multiple tours for the superstar. He has amassed more than 400 million career music streams. While Langston is a star on stage, he’s equally at home in the woods. In fact, his fan club is named the “Bird Dog Club”—a tip of the hat to his favorite hobby. Langston is set to perform at the NRA Country Concert at the Great American Outdoor Show in Pennsylvania in February, alongside Chris Janson and Jacob Bryant. Our very own Vanessa Shahidi grabbed a few minutes of Langston’s time to ask him about his love for the great outdoors.

VS: Have you had any memorable hunts with other artists or songwriters?

JL: I shot my very first turkey with Rhett Akins and NRA Country artist Nate Hosie [from HeadHunters TV]. That was a day I’ll never forget.

VS: Does your time in the woods ever influence your songwriting?

JL: I get a lot of great song ideas from being in the outdoors! It’s the best place to get inspiration from.

VS: You always have a lot going on in your career. Tell us what you’re excited about these days.

JL: I have a new EP out called “Now You Know." I’m excited for the fans to have the new music. I’m also excited to be a guest on The Brothers Hunt podcast. They’re fellow hunting buds and songwriting friends so look for that podcast. And, of course, the show in Harrisburg is going to be a blast.

You can learn more about the Georgia native online at

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