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posted on July 31, 2021

Back in the good old days, when you could walk into a bar or restaurant with a jukebox, you were always guaranteed to find a number of Restless Heart songs in the catalog. “I’ll Still Be Loving You,” “Bluest Eyes in Texas” and “Why Does It Have to Be (Wrong or Right)” are just a few of their hits you might have queued up, all with Larry Stewart’s lead vocals. Restless Heart charted 18 Top-40 singles, including six No. 1 hits. But what’s even more impressive is the career Larry Stewart crafted and maintained over four decades. With additional success as a solo artist and now as part of supergroup the Frontmen of Country, Stewart has proven himself as a force in country music, entertaining audiences around the world. NRA’s Vanessa Shahidi asked Stewart a few questions to learn about a lesser-known side of the country superstar.

VS: Do you have a favorite personal firearm?
LS: My new favorite firearm is a Makarov pistol. It fits my small, fat hand so well and is easy to shoot. It finds the target so effortlessly.

VS: Having toured not only domestically but also internationally, you’ve met people from all over the world. Tell us what makes you proud to be an American.
LS: In my travels for 30 years with Restless Heart and now the Frontmen of Country, you learn so much about other people and cultures.  When Restless Heart started working with the Air Force Reserve, literally flying around the globe, I’d never experienced anything like it. Then the Frontmen of Country did some tours with Navy Entertainment and that changed my life. To meet these young men and women made me so proud of them. That’s when I realized how great my country was. I couldn’t be more proud to be an American.

VS: What are you currently working on?
LS: The Frontmen of Country (myself, Richie McDonald, formerly of Lonestar, and Tim Rushlow, formerly of Little Texas)are now touring together in the States with a new band doing about 30 shows this fall. We have also recorded a new song called ‘’If It Wasn’t For The Radio” that can also be streamed everywhere. Between the three of us, the Frontmen have 30 No. 1 hits and have sold nearly 30 million records. We will be touring next year as well. Check out for shows coming near you. God Bless America!

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