LtCol Oliver North Condemns Obama’s Shameful Treatment Of Israel

posted on January 5, 2017

In NRATV’s latest “Frontlines” episode, “Obama's Shameful Treatment Of Israel,” LtCol Oliver North reveals yet another way that the Obama administration is “leading from behind.” On Dec. 23, the eve of Hanukkah, the United States Security Council voted to censure Israel—an action vetoed by the U.S. for decades. But with three weeks left in office, the Obama administration decided to rebuff our only Democratic ally in the Middle East by voting to abstain from the resolution. 

North warns of the immediate implications of this decision, explaining that it “has emboldened Israel's adversaries—and America's.” Hazeem Kassem, spokesman for the Hamas terror organization, said, “We emphasize the need to turn such a resolution into action, not only to halt settlements, but to eradicate Israel's occupation in all its forms.” In other words, to eradicate Israel altogether. North affirms that the U.N. resolution condones these acts of terror by “encouraging those who want to punish the Jewish states.” 

North and the “Frontlines” team take us to our ally, Israel, and introduce us to Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, an American leader who is willing to stand up for what’s right. “Hopefully the Trump administration and more U.S. leaders will follow Gov. Hogan, and will discover for themselves some good friends in Israel,” North says. 

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