Media Matters’ Timothy Johnson Ignored & Now Manipulates Veteran SEAL’s Terror Attack Warning

posted on September 22, 2016

Nearly three months ago, veteran U.S. Navy SEAL and NRA commentator Dom Raso released “Radical Islamic Terrorists Targeting Gun-Free Malls,” a powerful video commentary in which he warned that radical Islamic terrorists were in America and were planning to attack gun-free shopping malls.

At the time, the anti-Second Amendment media accused Raso of deception and fear-mongering. Timothy Johnson of Media Matters even went so far as to write that the NRA and Raso were doing “leg work for terrorists.” (As a reminder to Johnson—an art history major who previously worked at the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence—Raso spent 12 years hunting down terrorists and protecting freedoms like the First Amendment, which protects “journalists” even when they spread falsehoods.) 

So how did Johnson and his elitist media friends respond this past weekend when a radical Islamic terrorist attacked a gun-free mall in St. Cloud, Minn., stabbing nearly a dozen innocent people and referencing Allah—a near-mirror image of what Raso warned about three months prior? With their usual silence and deceit, of course. 

The majority of the media has simply not covered the proven fact that gun-free zones are dangerous zones. Case-in-point: It was an off-duty officer who shot and killed the Islamic extremist. He was carrying his firearm even with the dangerous “gun-free zone” policy in place.The majority of the media has simply not covered the proven fact that gun-free zones are dangerous zones.

Yesterday, Johnson and Media Matters took it a step further when they actually attempted to use Raso’s warning to attack Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump (yes, you read that correctly). Here’s what he wrote: 

“Despite Trump’s recent comments connecting terrorism and ‘freedom of the press,’ Trump was not as critical in July when the National Rifle Association, which has endorsed Trump for president, released a video where an NRA employee cased a real shopping mall in Oklahoma to show how to carry out the ‘perfect’ mass shooting terrorist attack.” 

Notice the radical Islamic terror attack on a gun-free mall was not mentioned.

Watch Raso’s “Radical Islamic Terrorists Targeting Gun-Free Malls,” share his important message and tune into on Oct. 4 for the veteran SEAL’s newest commentary. And don’t hesitate to let Timothy Johnson (@timothywjohnson) and Media Matters (@mmfa) know that when it comes to protecting ourselves and our loved ones, we will always take the word of a soldier over the deceit of an agenda-driven “journalist.”



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