Veteran SEAL Dom Raso: Obama, Clinton Put Feelings Of Terrorists Over Safety Of Americans

posted on November 8, 2016

In his new NRATV commentary, “The Obama-Clinton Doctrine,” veteran U.S. Navy SEAL Dom Raso asserts, “The Obama-Clinton national security doctrine of political correctness has killed hundreds of Americans. Every one of us are put at an increased risk every single day this weakness sits in that Oval Office.” The NRATV commentator points to several instances of Obama and Clinton failing to keep Americans safe, stating, “Appeasement. That's the Obama-Clinton doctrine. Put the feelings of radical Islamic terrorists and the lone wolves they inspire above the security of our country.” 

Raso uses his commentary to ask every American a simple, yet significant, question as they head to the polls today: “How much longer will you allow the safety of your family to be threatened?” 

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