Meet Robin Evans, an NRA-Certified Instructor the Mainstream Media Wouldn’t Know How to Write Off

posted on March 18, 2024

A video the NRA did with Robin Evans, founder and owner of Chicks with Triggers LLC, an NRA-certified firearms instructor located in South Carolina, went viral last winter. This is partly because Evans simply doesn’t fit into the mainstream-media narratives of who America’s gun owners are supposed to be. She, clearly and, I would say, exuberantly, shows that everyone not only needs this critical freedom, but that, increasingly, many more citizens are shouldering this responsibility.

Still, a bigger reason the video was viewed by so many is what she has to say. Evans straightforwardly says her mission is to help women “become their own first responders.”

And there is a big need for instructors like Evans.

“The need for quality gun trainers in my community is just so profound. I mean, I don’t even advertise. I just use social media and the word of mouth to get new clients,” she said.

But then, this is only the beginning of why. As you’ll see, Evans has carefully crafted an embracing ethos for her clients with classes—including online classes—designed to empower her clients (who are mostly women). Since 2020, she has taught over 4,500 women to carry, handle and shoot firearms. Her positive impact is still growing.

Much of what she has to say defies mainstream-media narratives; but then, “defies” isn’t really the right word to use here, as she isn’t an activist; she isn’t defying anyone; she is just honestly, and with a big heart, helping her clients to utilize their freedom so they can protect themselves until help arrives.

Her website is All of her social media is “Chicks with Triggers.” She offers online classes and, those who live in South Carolina, North Carolina or Georgia, can look into her in-person classes.



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