This is What Empowering Women Really Looks Like

posted on December 6, 2023

With gun ownership on the rise throughout the nation, women are one huge demographic that has seen noticeable growth in this area. Such is why NRA firearms instructor Robin Evans built a self-defense training company that caters exclusively to women, known as Chicks With Triggers.

Evans launched Chicks With Triggers during the COVID-19 pandemic, which also coincided with a rise in firearms ownership, a trend that has seen more than one million purchases of a firearm continue for more than 50 months, according to data from the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

She said the business was intended to be her “little side hobby” to help empower women through firearms safety and self-defense lessons, but business quickly took off and she now holds 25-30 classes each weekend in multiple states, including Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. According to Evans, roughly 60% of her clientele have encountered violent situations themselves.

“[Chicks With Triggers] is a safe space for women. We’re about uplifting women. We are about encouraging women. We’re about empowering women. There was no safe space where women could go and talk to other women who have been in similar situations,” Evans said.

This NRA video with Evans showcases testimonials from those who have worked with her. “We are faster than 911. I am my first responder,” said one. “Because of Robin, I have been more comfortable in handling and shooting the gun and also learning gun laws,” said another. “Any threat that comes my way now, I feel like with my gun, I can handle it,” added one woman.

The video also showcases the hypocrisy of the anti-gun elites, including President Joe Biden (D) and California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D), who routinely call for banning commonly owned firearms while being protected by armed security. This critique underscores the value of self-defense and how those in power seek to strip Americans of this constitutional right while simultaneously enjoying it for themselves.

NRA Executive Vice President and CEO Wayne LaPierre commended Evans, saying “the NRA is proud to support Robin and Chicks With Triggers in their efforts to empower women by enabling them to defend themselves. Our latest video showcases six of the more than 4,500 women Robin has trained in South Carolina. As one of the 125,000 NRA instructors across the nation, Robin serves as an ambassador and leader in our mission of educating Americans in self-defense. Indeed, every NRA instructor plays a crucial role in empowering millions of citizens to responsibly exercise their Second Amendment rights, thereby ensuring their personal safety and security.”

Evans concludes in the video that “the NRA is singlehandedly the biggest and strongest organization, especially for gun rights in this country. And I think that without them, we would be absolutely screwed. For anyone trying to take away our Second Amendment rights, I say ‘come and take it.’”

For more information on Chicks With Triggers, click here.


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