SHOT Show's New Guns—Free Trade for a Free People

posted on January 22, 2018

If you’ve bought a new gun within the past 40 years, the SHOT Show has likely served a purpose in your life. While it’s not necessary to know a lot about the giant trade show of the shooting, hunting and outdoor industry—and it doesn’t matter if you’ve ever attended, or ever will—the show is important nevertheless because it uniquely enables the free trade in firearms so critical to keeping us a free people.


Chances are, the sellers of your recent purchases decided to stock those guns after seeing them at SHOT. It’s where most new models are unveiled to the world, and it’s a convergence in the commercial pipeline that connects manufacturers with regional distributors and local dealers. Chances are your hometown gunshop owners will be back at the SHOT Show starting tomorrow, doing the legwork that can benefit both of you. 


But if you’re curious—and so many gun owners are—you too can preview some of the best new guns for 2018 right along with America’s firearm industry insiders. is at the SHOT Show, too, and we promise to post our top picks of newly introduced carry pistols, personal-defense guns and home-defense guns. Beginning tomorrow, and extending through rest of the Las Vegas show, we will share summaries, photos and video links of the hottest new hardware, the most ingenious technology, and the best values.


Please join for a sneak peek at this year’s new guns straight from the SHOT Show.    


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