New Jersey: Governor Calls for Stricter Gun Control after Synagogue Shooting

posted on December 25, 2018

As the nation reeled from a madman’s anti-Semitic attack on congregants of the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy was already using the incident to stump for even tighter gun control measures. Murphy, who had just signed a package of six anti-gun laws in June, announced that he will work with Democrat legislators on another batch of bills. Unsurprisingly, he referred to this effort as “gun-safety package 2.0.”

“Gun violence is not a problem we can eliminate through the passage of a single, magical law,” Murphy said at a press conference in Trenton detailing his new anti-gun push. “It requires our constant attention.”

Anyone who has followed this publication for some time is familiar with the many law-abiding citizens who have been caught up in New Jersey’s draconian gun laws and the innocents who have been unable to defend themselves against criminals. More gun control was never going to be the answer to the state’s crime problems. Unfortunately, Murphy seems determined to use his time in office primarily as an opportunity to transform already firearm-unfriendly New Jersey into an even more radical anti-gun dystopia.



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