New Jersey Magazine Ban a Bust

posted on January 2, 2019
We can only guess that no one in New Jersey owns magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition, otherwise people would have been lining out the door to comply with the state’s new law banning what lawmakers terms “large-capacity” magazines.
That’s right. According to an article on Ammoland, not one of the estimated 10 million such magazines in the state have been turned over to law enforcement authorities. Reason ran a similar report where a state police spokesperson confirmed that.
Of course, what should we expect. It’s not like the state has the money—or even a plan—to enforce the law. And that’s part of what makes it so absurd, leading people on the internet to basically laugh at Gov. Phil Murphy’s effort.
And, by the way, we all figured the people with criminal intent would be among the first in line to turn over the goods, right?
In another public relations faux pas regarding the law, it applies even to off-duty police officers, leaving them outgunned for sure should they ever run into a problem when they’re not on the clock.



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