NRA Carry Guard Expo Coming to Richmond, Va.

posted on August 27, 2018

Thousands of Second Amendment supporters will be descending upon the Greater Richmond Convention Center in Richmond, Va., this month for the second annual NRA Carry Guard Expo.

This is not your ordinary firearm exhibit, folks. It is a three-day educational and interactive experience dedicated to people who want to improve their ability to survive almost any kind of attack. With hands-on workshops geared toward personal protection, concealed carry and home defense, this event will is designed to equip novices and experts alike with the products, skills, knowledge and mindset necessary to be prepared to respond should a threat arise.

The expo brings in a cadre of top-flight instructors to lead limited-access training sessions. It’s not just about firearms, but rather about blending other aspects of defense into the mix to create a solid ability to come out ahead when your life is in danger. In some situations, that might mean using a knife or the martial arts to get the advantage over an assailant. Others might involve merely being able to get past the initial mental paralysis you might encounter during a threat. The seminars and workshops at the Carry Guard Expo will help you learns how to deal with all such situations.

The NRA Carry Guard Expo is not as big as the Association’s Annual Meetings & Exhibits, which—by virtue of its sheer size—can be held only in venues that can accommodate crowds of 80,000 or so. The more manageable size of the Carry Guard Expo provides the opportunity for the NRA to take its training message to mid-size cities across the nation.

Tickets—general admission for the three-day extravaganza is $30, but NRA members pay $20 and Life members pay $10—are on sale now. Buy yours online here. For a look at some of the training events, which might require an extra fee, go here.



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