NRA Personal Protection Expo Comes to Fort Worth, Texas

posted on July 29, 2019

The Expo offers a rare one-stop chance for a first-hand look at all the top guns and gear.

Rebranded for 2019, the NRA Personal Protection Expo will be held at the Fort Worth Convention Center in Fort Worth, Texas, Sept. 6-8. Sponsored by Ruger, Kel-Tec and Shooting Illustrated, the three-day event will provide attendees an intensive educational experience featuring the skills, know-how, mindset and products that can help everyone, from novices to experts, improve their readiness to deal with potential threats.

Interactive seminars with top instructors teach basics, tactics and much more.

Scores of exhibitors with products for concealed-carry, home defense and personal protection will be present for those looking to upgrade or expand their everyday-carry kit as well as home security. Equally important is the Expo’s slate of 120 seminars covering virtually every topic of vital interest to law-abiding citizens taking responsibility for their own protection. From concealed-carry tips to edged-weapon defense to armorer’s courses and beyond, subject-matter experts, such as Larry Pope, Tom Kier and more, will share their knowledge and wisdom, making this a must-attend show for anyone who is determined to keep current with trends in personal safety. Expert instruction will also come from staffers from the NRA’s Competitive Shooting and Education and Training divisions, covering subjects like situational awareness, concealed carry techniques and lifestyle, medical and trauma training, to name a few.

Shooting industry personnel are glad to share tips and insights with attendees.

The Expo will also present a Concealed Carry Fashion Show in which concealment clothing and gear designed for men and women will be modeled.

The Expo is open to the public, with discounted rates for NRA members, and admission is good for all three days of the show. Most seminars are free, but some of the longer sessions do require an additional fee. Visit for more information, including hotel accommodations, ticket prices, seminar schedules and a list of exhibitors.


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