NRA Selects Its 2018 Law Enforcement Firearm Instructor Of The Year

posted on May 5, 2019

The 2018 winner of the Law Enforcement Firearm Instructor of the Year is Sgt. George Bradley of the Charleston (South Carolina) Police Department. The NRA’s Law Enforcement Division selected him in the annual competition.

Starting his career in 1996 after earning a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, Bradley joined the CPD in 1999. Since then, he has worked on all the patrol teams within the department as well as the Special Investigations and Crimes Against Persons investigative units. He also served on the SWAT team for 14 years—holding the positions of sniper, assistant team leader and rappel master.

Bradley, a certified instructor through the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy since 2007, became a certified NRA firearms instructor in 2010. He was appointed his department’s rangemaster in 2016. In this role, he manages the weapons range, oversees 19 auxiliary instructors and develops all firearm-related training for CPD. Each year he facilitates the hosting of several instructor-based training classes for the NRA division and supports other law-enforcement-related, firearms-training courses. 



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