One Vote Can Make the Difference

posted on October 30, 2022
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In 2022, one vote, yours, could make the difference in a critical election.

On election day, Tuesday, Nov. 8, your one vote could make the difference in a municipal, county, state house, state senate, U.S. House of Representatives or a U.S. Senate election. Will you do your part and stand up for freedom, the Second Amendment and America’s future when you go to the polls and cast your one vote in each of the elections before you?

Will you vote for the candidate who will do the best job of protecting the future of our country and the deep-seated traditional values we share?

Few candidates are perfect when it comes to protecting our God-given rights and our constitutional rights, but I urge you to set perfection aside when you vote in the upcoming elections and put your common sense into play. 

In short, use your vote wisely.

The distinction between good and evil (not perfection) is precisely what we as firearms owners will wrestle with at all levels of government in these elections. 

Today, the Biden administration is so much worse than we even dared to imagine a president and his administration could be. In our daily lives, we are constantly reminded of the damage to our economy, our health, the schooling of our children and the danger to our personal freedoms wrought by this administration.

But we have the power to change the darkness that potentially looms in our future. Voters can deny this destructive administration the majority it needs to trample our gun rights and our freedom.

Together, using the power of our votes, we can change that future. Our children and grandchildren are depending on us to do the right thing. As long as we have a vote, we have a choice! But in order to choose what is right for freedom, what is right for America and what is right for our future and the future of our children and grandchildren, we must exercise our vote.

We must go to the polls Nov. 8 and vote! And we must encourage our freedom-loving relatives, friends and neighbors to go to the polls and vote.

Your vote could be the one vote that makes a difference in this year’s elections! Use it wisely. 

Marion Hammer was the first female president of the NRA. She is an NRA board member and is credited with helping to create model legislation in Florida that, when spread thanks to the NRA, helped to bring us into an era of increasing Second Amendment freedom.



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