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at President, NRA posted on June 8, 2021
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April 29 marked 100 days of Joe Biden as president of the United States. That’s not very long, but he’s done a lot of damage in that short time.

Biden has already established a pattern of attacks on the protections afforded law-abiding citizens in this country. And he’s been particularly focused on eroding the Second Amendment. Attempting directly to repeal the amendment wouldn’t work, but he will engage in any other measures designed to hollow out our natural right to defend ourselves and our families.

He pushes his gun-control agenda constantly, including during his recent joint address to the U.S. Congress. One of his primary tactics is to cloud the issue with lies and character attacks. He claims, for example, that most gun owners support further restrictions on gun rights; he pretends that gun manufacturers are free of liability suits, and he acts as if responsible gun owners are the cause of crimes.

His staff provides him with talking points that include inflated numbers of firearms-related homicides from highly suspect sources. He also has a habit of conflating homicide statistics with suicides to significantly beef up the numbers of firearms-related deaths. If you object to what he mislabels as “common sense”—if you stand up for the U.S. Constitution—Biden and the entire radical-left machinery behind him behave as if you’re some sort of rabid fascist.

Biden’s lying is so bad that even left-leaning media outlets finally decided to call him out on some of the claims he’s made; for example, Biden claimed that at gun shows “you can buy whatever you want and no background check.” He wants people to believe that gun shows are somehow free of the regulations that apply at gun stores, but this is simply not true. Regardless of venue, all licensed firearms dealers are required by law to run background checks. And anyone regularly engaging in firearms sales is required to become a licensed dealer, and thus to run background checks, even at gun shows. Targeting this aspect of the firearm market is certainly not going to decrease crime in any meaningful way. But it does help further consolidate power in the federal government.

Biden calls gun violence “a public-health crisis.” One mainstream-media fact-checker suggested that he might be trying to correlate violence from armed criminals with the coronavirus pandemic. Certainly, if he could sell that correlation, government authorities could possibly gain broad powers around firearms they wouldn’t otherwise have, making it one of the most dangerous of Biden’s claims. At the least, claiming violence related to guns is a public-health crisis could allow him to weaponize the CDC to claim that science supports further gun-control measures—even though many studies, even ones funded by the Obama/Biden administration, show just the opposite.

Biden also acts as if taking certain kinds of “scary-looking” firearms from law-abiding gun owners would make this country safer, but in reality, the criminal use of these rifles is extremely rare. Plus, these guns operate exactly the same as any other legal gun and are very commonly owned. Once again, we can see that decreasing crime is not the real focus—if it were, Biden’s administration would work on improving the dangerous situations in big cities that consistently account for the bulk of murders.

Let’s also not forget his falsehoods on the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA). Biden may not understand guns very well, but he certainly should understand the PLCAA, given that he was a senator when it was debated and passed. The PLCAA shields gun manufacturers and related businesses only from frivolous lawsuits, but Biden claims that it shields them from all liability for their products. He wants the PLCAA reversed so gun-grabbers can sue manufacturers out of existence, effectively eradicating Second Amendment rights without the messy legal process of actually amending the U.S. Constitution. In fact, Biden wants the PLCAA upended so badly, he said if he could ask God for one thing, that would be it. That fervent wish makes sense only in the context of dismantling the Second Amendment.

Biden’s not all talk, either. He has issued executive orders for further gun control, targeting so-called “ghost guns” and stabilizing braces, and suggesting a model for “red-flag” laws, which turn due process on its head and leave dangerous people free to harm others. Biden’s nominee for the head of the ATF is gun-control advocate David Chipman, who has a long, controversial history that should give anyone pause. Biden’s administration is also applying significant pressure on Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court, threatening to remove the filibuster and to pack the court with left-leaning, anti-gun justices.

So, what can we conclude from Biden’s first 100 days in office? Well, he is working hard to keep his campaign promises and appease the radical element of his party. Unfortunately, it seems that he wants his legacy to be undoing the protections our Founders put into the U.S. Constitution to protect us from tyranny and democide.

There is only one group that has the strength in numbers to stand up to this assault on freedom. That is, of course, your NRA. Be sure that you are staying engaged and active in the public policy arena. Why? Because we have a country to save!



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