Progressively More Mindless On Gun Control

posted on October 31, 2019

It’s hard to imagine that Joe Biden could outdo himself with a gun-control proposal even more absurd than his DNA-activated smart gun, but our imagination is apparently more constrained by truth and facts than that of the former vice president.

On Sept. 2, while being interviewed in Iowa, Biden said it was “absolutely mindless” that “we don’t have elimination of assault-type weapons and magazines that can have, hold multiple bullets in them,” adding that such measures are compatible with the Second Amendment.

Biden already supports a ban of “high-capacity magazines” (more than 10 rounds). Assuming this new ban refers only to detachable magazines capable of holding more than a single round, Biden has still managed to move the needle on the daffy meter from just “bizarre” to “entirely unhinged.” Law-enforcement officers, members of the military and the vast majority of American gun owners would be disarmed under this new scheme.

This “multiple-bullet” test may be less of an issue since he also proposes the “elimination of assault-type weapons.” While it is unclear what he means, his gun-control platform refers to prohibiting “military-style firearms designed to fire rapidly”—namely, modern semi-automatic guns used by ordinary Americans for hunting and recreational shooting.

Besides an “assault-weapon” ban, the 2020 Democratic candidates almost uniformly embrace repealing the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, imposing government “buybacks” of firearms and national gun licensing. Biden’s latest idea may be nothing other than an effort to distinguish himself as even more virtuously anti-Second Amendment than the rest of the bunch. If that’s the case, though, one of these presidential hopefuls immediately rose to the challenge.

Frontrunner Biden’s campaign website proclaims “Our Best Days Still Lie Ahead.” For America’s gun owners, this can only mean dodgier political posturing aimed at extinguishing fundamental rights and freedoms.


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