22% of Gun-Owners Just Bought a New Gun

posted on October 8, 2020

A new survey from Rasmussen says, “Over one-fifth of Americans who have a gun in their household have added one since late May and feel safer [emphasis is ours] because they’ve done so.”

The report also found that 43% of “American adults say they or someone in their household owns a gun.”

Of these gun-owning Americans, 22% said they or someone in their home has bought a new gun this year.

The survey also shows that most people in households with guns disagree with the nonsensical gun-control talking point that guns in homes make people less safe. Rasmussen says that among those who’ve bought a gun in the last four months, “90% feel more safe.” Of those surveyed who live in a home with a firearm, but have not stated they purchased a new one in the last four months, 54% “feel more safe with a gun in the house,” while 38% feel “the presence of the gun has no impact on their personal safety.”

Surveys of gun owners, however, always come with a few caveats, as gun owners tend to favor their privacy when it comes to telling strangers about their personal firearms.

Still, numbers like these clearly show that more Americans are embracing their Second Amendment freedom in this uncertain time. As the estimated 5 million new gun owners the National Shooting Sports Foundation determined have bought their first gun this year find training and go to local ranges, they are sure to feel empowered and to view this constitutional right as the practical part of freedom it is.

This is a cultural shift toward freedom.


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