Red Dawn Shooting Range Durango Wins Approval

posted on January 18, 2018

The sound of freedom will soon be heard more often in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, now that Tim Gwynn has been granted a Class II land-use permit to operate the Red Dawn Shooting Range and Wolverine School of Personal Safety.

In a win for law-abiding gun owners, Gwynn took his request before the county commissioners earlier this week, telling them, “Our position is to make people able to defend themselves if they have to,” according to The Durango Herald reports.

The range isn’t entirely new, though. Gwynn started operating it about four years ago, but he was running it without a permit, because he didn’t know that he needed one. After people near the facility complained about noise and fears about bullet ricochets, Gwynn was told he would have to apply for the permit.

That required Gwynn to have environmental and other studies done before he took his case to the La Plata County Commission.

Besides allowing people to shoot on their own, the range offers classes introducing people to long-range rifle shooting, 3-Gun shooting and more.



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