Refuse To Be A Victim—More Relevant Than Ever

posted on June 6, 2024
woman being stalked

The NRA Refuse To Be A Victim (RTBAV) program is becoming more and more relevant as time passes. Depending upon your news sources, the crime rate is either rising or falling by the day, but either way, crime won’t disappear entirely. Regardless, we can still move through our daily lives with confidence by embracing a few simple habits and routines.

handbooksShould you answer the door to a solicitor? What should you do if you’re caught in a road-rage incident? Is cyberbullying a real-world threat? In these seminars, you’ll learn how to deal with a wide range of such situations. Topics include the psychology of the criminal mind, situational awareness, physical security, home security and personal-protection devices. However, RTBAV instructors are also encouraged to customize their seminars by staying atop local issues and statistics to assure their attendees receive the information they need to create their own personal-protection strategies. Every attendee leaves the seminar with not only a student workbook packed with information but also a greater understanding of the tactics they can employ to keep themselves and their loved ones a little safer as they go about their daily lives.

Created in 1993 by the women of the NRA in partnership with experts in various fields to provide crime prevention and personal safety information to the public, RTBAV has grown to include more than 6,000 certified instructors across all 50 states, Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico. The program content and presentation has undergone many updates over the years to keep the information current and useful. To that end, the online Instructor Development Workshop was recently revamped to improve efficiency and accessibility, making it possible for even more people to join our cadre of instructors. We also launched a quarterly e-newsletter to connect with our instructors and anyone else interested in personal-protection strategies and gear. If you would like to begin receiving the newsletter, please sign up at

If you are interested in attending an NRA Refuse To Be A Victim seminar, visit to search for one in your area. If you don’t find one already scheduled, please reach out to us at [email protected] to be put in touch with an instructor in your area. Or, take the bull by the horns and become a certified Refuse To Be A Victim instructor yourself online at


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