Samson Manufacturing After-Market Shield Products Worth a Look

posted on October 16, 2018

Devotees of the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield have good reason to love their guns as far as easy of carry and concealment are concerned. Now Samson Manufacturing is offering after-market devices that will help you enhance the shootability of the compact series.

The M&P Shield, out of the box, is a fine product. But by virtue of its small size, the confidence that you’ll get off a good shot might be one area for improvement. The short grip makes getting a solid hold challenging.

Samson address that by offering a contoured mag well that allows for a full firing grip. The increased control it provides allows for quicker shot recovery.

The one-piece addition easily attaches to the gun’s mag well, without the need for a gunsmith. Its flared design makes it easier to drop a magazine without adjusting your grip, and reloads are more comfortable.

A complementary offering is a +1 magazine extension that can be attached to either the 7-round or 8-round factory magazines. The design is such that you can still use the factory magazine spring.

Samson also makes a compensator that attaches with a simple barrel nut. It reduces muzzle rise so that target reacquisition is quick and simple. One thing to keep in mind with this is that heavier-weight bullets work better. The company recommends 124-grain or heavier, though some 115-grain ammunition can work. Like the magazine components, this, too, is designed to work with the factory recoil spring.

The company allowed outdoor writers to get some range time with the products attached, and they do help with getting your sights back on target quickly and getting more hits in key zones. The add-ons take away a little from the concealability department, but the end result might well be worth it.


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