Shooting Straight with Charles C. W. Cooke

posted on April 14, 2022

Charles C. W. Cooke is a senior writer for National Review. He understands the importance and value of the Second Amendment. Here, he speaks with America's 1st Freedom Editor in Chief Frank Miniter about Canada's looming confiscation day, something he recently wrote about for this very publication.

Writing about the situation, Cooke said he is often asked about why America has the Second Amendment. He points to the situation just across our northern border as evidence of why our constitutional right to keep and bear arms is such a crucial part of our freedom.

Cooke also spoke to America's 1st Freedom about the state of may-issue vs. shall-issue jurisdictions throughout the nation and the changing landscape of concealed carry moving forward. That full conversation can be viewed here.


Police Line
Police Line

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